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  1. Bowhunting
    Hey I killed my doe going on a full 24 hrs since being on the meat table , I really wanna eat the tenderloins and start to make Jerky, how long should I freeze the meat before its safe to eat ?? #FlyingArrows
  2. Bowhunting
    Went out today right before the sun came up this morning , hike roughly a mile into the woods, found my tree, it's off a old trail so I can look left and right down the trail, So anyways I get my old climber stand up on the tree up about 15 feet or more . It was kinda cold this morning I didn't...
  3. Deer Hunting
    I was driving up 265 in east Fayetteville when I came up on a 3 car collision. It turns out one of the cars ran over a big doe. I slowed down & saw the deer sitting between the cars on its hind legs. The women involoved were obviously traumatized because the deer was alive & making noises. I...
1-3 of 3 Results