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  1. 2 cabins for lease Bayou Meto- Duck and Deer Hunting

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    I have two cabins for lease in Alcorn AR. Lease would initiate February 1st. Both places are the northern side of Bayo Meto WMA, with Tipton Access less than 1/4 mile from both sites. First house backs up to Bayou Meto in the Alcorn community. 1300 sq ft 2 bedroom with 1 1/2 bath. Newer...
  2. duck hunting lease 130+/- acres in SE AR

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    :flag:Acreage is a few miles SW of Lake Village, Arkansas. The entire backside of the property is bordered by Beouf River, with an opening in the treeline to access the river itself. No crops were planted on the land this year, but we plan to have rice on it next year. The property used to be in...
  3. Looking for duck Timber lease 08-09 season

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    Im ready to get some good duck hunting timber for this season. Me and another guy would like to have some land to lease and would be very interested in any info available. Thanks, Thomas.