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  1. Dogs for Sale or Trade
    In the future, I will have livestock on my homestead. The animals and people this dog or several dogs will be needed for guardian duty are Ducks, chickens and other birds, goats, possibly hair sheep, rabbits, me, and my friend. Before to acquire these animals I need help with fence...
  2. Want to Buy/Trade
    I have for sale a garmin alpha 100 with 5 tt15 collars. Includes bag, chargers, 2 cases, and Long range antenna for the hand held. Southern Missouri and northern Arkansas maps. About 5 years old. Works great with no problems. Getting out of the hog business. Touch screen is like new, I...
  3. Dogs for Sale or Trade
    I found these two boys saturday morning. They had been abandoned and were living in a culvert, about to starve to death. They are obviously brothers, about 5-6 months old, (still have a couple of their milk teeth.) They do well with other dogs, they've been playing with the neighbor's beagle and...
  4. Huntin' Dogs
    wanted: dogs that can run and bay their own hogs and a good catch dog. SW Arkansas area. Call 903-278-0289; if no answer, please leave message.:thumb:
1-4 of 4 Results