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  1. Hunting Clubs and Leases
    My 2 sons are in the military and looking for a club or open lease for this year 2021. My oldest is 20 and hasn't ever got a deer yet.. trying to help him out.. We live in Central AR. Please let me know of you know of any openings. Thanks Don Beaudin [email protected]
  2. Hunting Clubs and Leases
    Hi, I'm looking for a deer lease for my wife and I in the state of Arkansas. Let me know if you have any openings. Thanks!
  3. Free! Pay it forward!
    If anyone would allow me to tag along on one of their hunts this season, doesn't matter what you're targeting, I would like to take some photos of your hunt. I am looking to grow my photography portfolio but don't have many hunting buddies to take photos of. PM me and lets work something out!
  4. Hunting Clubs and Leases
    Looking for hunting lease in white county. Or within 30 minutes. Looking for something for me and mY boys. We are respectful of land and just enjoy hunting. I was in a lease in Floyd for several years until timber companies switched out . So left us without a place .
  5. Want to Buy/Trade
    I prefer this actual model produced between 00-06, will consider any but that’s the one i would pay top dollar for
  6. General Hunting Topics
    Howdy y’all, I just moved to the area and I’m looking for some property to go hunt on. I’m primarily a duck, dove, deer guy but I’m willing to try out other types of game as well. Do y’all have any advice on where I can find somewhere to go in Northwest Arkansas? Preferably within an hour of...
  7. General Hunting Topics
    I am looking at starting with 3 pallets of the 50# bag. If anyone can help find this at a good price, please let me know. Texarkana, AR 903.824.1474 Thanks guys!
  8. Hunting Clubs and Leases
    Looking for deer and duck lease in central Ar. The closer to White county the better but will travel for the right opportunity. Will be me and my teenage kid. Email - [email protected]
  9. Hunting Clubs and Leases
    looking for deer and duck lease/club in central Ar, the closer to white county the better but willing travel for the right opportunity. Will be me and one teenage kid. Email - [email protected]
  10. Hunting Clubs and Leases
    Hello, My name is Zane Weir, I am looking for some land or a lease/club to get it on, to grow and manage whitetail and be able to take a couple kids a year to harvest a deer or two, that don't get very many chances to experience the great outdoors. I have my own supplemental deer feed...
  11. Hunting Clubs and Leases
    Hello all just relocated to arkansas from florida. Looking for a club in or around cleburne co. Love to deer hunt but will walk past a buck to get to a ole tom. If anyone knows of anything from Batesville to LR or bald knob to conway please let me know. Thank you
  12. Hunting Clubs and Leases
    I have two cabins for lease in Alcorn AR. Lease would initiate February 1st. Both places are the northern side of Bayo Meto WMA, with Tipton Access less than 1/4 mile from both sites. First house backs up to Bayou Meto in the Alcorn community. 1300 sq ft 2 bedroom with 1 1/2 bath. Newer...
  13. Deer Hunting
    My brother in law got these pictures starting in October the deer was finished off by coyotes a few days ago. Look at the pictures I am attaching and I think you all will feel the same as we do.This was a nice buck in which we have been watching at our lease but now we are out for coyotes.At one...
  14. Bowhunting
    Hey I killed my doe going on a full 24 hrs since being on the meat table , I really wanna eat the tenderloins and start to make Jerky, how long should I freeze the meat before its safe to eat ?? #FlyingArrows
  15. Chronic Wasting Disease
    just saw this posted elsewhere...
  16. Hunting Clubs and Leases
    Im looking for a deer lease for me and my family, trying to find an annual lease for less than $2000. Not against the idea of joining a hunt club, but not necessarily looking for that either. if anyone knows of any property along those lines please let me know.
  17. Hunting Clubs and Leases
    We are a family oriented club located near perryville. We have ~1400 acres of mostly pine cut- overs of various ages with some scattered hardwoods. We practice quality deer management. We have a nice camp with elec. We currently have 9 members and looking to add 2 maybe 3. Dues are $900. Please...
  18. Trading Post
    Bowtech justice VFT, it comes with a new trophy ridge sight I just put on, trophy taker drop away rest, soft case, quiver, and release. It's a light bow that shoots great, PM me your email address and I'll send pics. I'll try to get my buddy to post some pics soon. $300
1-18 of 24 Results