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  1. Predators, Varmints, and Hogs
    Do you prefer .22 Magnum OR .17 HMR? With all this talk of coyotes and bobcats, I would like to know! Also, what ammo brand do you prefer to use when shooting the caliber you choose above, and what kind of bullet is your go-to (I.e. V-Max, JSP, JHP, etc).
  2. Predators, Varmints, and Hogs
    I would like to hear from everyone what their favorite coyote/bobcat hunting cartridge is! If you have a personal setup that you hunt predators with, I would love to hear that as well! With the temp about to start dropping, coyotes and bobcats are going to be on the move looking for food. Me...
  3. Predators, Varmints, and Hogs
    I'm in pope county I catch several coyotes every season, looking for somebody who owns a fox pen that would be interested in buying them.
1-3 of 3 Results