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    1. Leglamp1
      Just got back from Hickory Creek Outfitters coyote hunt. Jeff Brondige gave me your name and info about website. Would like to go with you on a predator hunt sometime if you do that. He says you have land leased in Kansas. I will be back in Kansas in April or maybe we could hunt in Arkansas. I live in Little rock area.
    2. widowmaker454
      Hey man i was looking for some info on some Kansas leases.Anything available yet??...Thanks!!!
    3. keeb
      Do u ever make it towards Searcy or Newport? I could send the money and we can meet later on. I like the 2 nd & 3 rd stands. Paypal?
    4. tony r
      tony r
      if your going to go with a 17 cal why not build a ar upper for your wilson? tony
    5. ericdhodges2004
      Im trying to get a head start this year on some Kansas lease land and was wondering if you had or know of any that will be available? Thanks Eric
    6. Cason Btm Dude
      Cason Btm Dude
      Hey betech29 ,

      Contact me when you can we would like to come to Kansas the weekend of August 20,21. Let me know if that would be ok.
    7. jsilver919
      where have you been B. Aint seen you around in a while
    8. Challenger
      I miss hin also. (Bush)

    9. olemiss
      hey man i talked to you the other day about the 2900 acres i am really interested but i have to get the ball rolling on this quick so get me the aerial as quick as you can thanks
      corey stout
    10. RisingStarRanch

      It was suggested that I contact you. I live on the south side of Boone county. I hear you live near me and hunt Coyotes. Ive got a big problem! Coyotes have, in five days, killed my seven goats and taken a huge chunk out of my chicken and duck population. My husband is disabled and cannot hunt any longer. The loss of these animals is going to cost me a great loss of income.

      Can you help or know of anyone that can?


      Kimberly Cole
      Harrison, Ar
    11. Soupcansam
      What deer leases in Kansas do you have? cost etc. Can I go and scout them first?
    12. poverty hill
      poverty hill
      I'm looking for some land for exclusive rights for deer and turkey what. Part of Kansas are u in very interested give me a call or pm me yours 870-261-8108
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