Question: Best scent bait for deer.

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Tal_H._Branco, May 18, 2017.

  1. Tal_H._Branco

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    A few deer are showing up again on my property here in town. They are traveling alongside one of the streets that border my property. I would like a good scent bait that would entice them to come further onto the center of the property so that I can get their pics on a game cam. (Their routine route is so close to the street that the lights from vehicles and night lights would screw up the camera.) Any deer hunter got time to suggest something? Thanks.
  2. Bucker10

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    They may be dodging the Bigfoot that lives in the center of your property.

    In all seriousness just feed them, deer will eat about anything.


  3. Nat1

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    When I lived in Bella Vista I used C'mere Deer and it worked. The Evercalm stuff works too.
  4. Tal_H._Branco

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  5. Try using some Vanilla. I bet it will work.
  6. Tal_H._Branco

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    I bet I'll try it! Thanks
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  8. Tal_H._Branco

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    "tastes like crushed berries and molasses." That stuff ought to attract any critter. Was just at Bass Pro a few days ago. Dang!
  9. bottomlands

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    I started a new mineral sight on the 11th and the second pic is 2 days later.....just rock salt mixed with deer cane. The deer cane has a strong odor to it! They'll be a good hole there by deer season!