Fur buyers?

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by duckboy32, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. duckboy32

    duckboy32 Well-Known Member

    Just curious who on here are fur buyers and where you are located. with the season about to open it could be good for the trapper and buyer if we knew who were buyers.
  2. jackiereed

    jackiereed Well-Known Member

    I guess Im gonna gamble this year and buy a little.

  3. frogleg

    frogleg Well-Known Member

    Got a bad feeling about this year. I'm going to sell early and often. That's what my magic 8 ball says to do.
  4. jackiereed

    jackiereed Well-Known Member

    Your probally gonna be better off doing that. Ive talked to 3 or 4 guys that have been in the biz for years, their scared.
  5. NaturalStateNative

    NaturalStateNative Well-Known Member

    I need to start making phone calls and find the best one to go to. There aren't any much closer than an hour away from me listed on the AGFC list of buyers
  6. jackiereed

    jackiereed Well-Known Member

    Have they put the new list up yet, most buyers I know, me included still need to get their lisc. Ive got the paperwork but after a earlier snafu within the AGFC I still havent resent payment.
  7. duckboy32

    duckboy32 Well-Known Member

    I looked two days ago and the latest update was february
  8. NaturalStateNative

    NaturalStateNative Well-Known Member

    Oh well nevermind then, I didn't look at the date
  9. b7413

    b7413 Well-Known Member

    Pretty much the same list every year.
  10. Mark Penn

    Mark Penn Well-Known Member

    I'll be buying again in NEA. Buyers are scared every year it sounds like. I've not heard any negative myself so we shall see.
  11. iivydriff

    iivydriff Well-Known Member

    So is that why the buyers always rip people off? Every time ive ever sold furs in my life buyer will always find some excuse to dock the prices. Its always been that way. Freezer burnt, Hair Slipping, They will shaft you on the lengths if you dont watch them like a hawk. If its not freezer burnt they will be spoiled or some excuse. Hides are not prime yet Ive heard that one alot. Blow in the fur and tell me how thin it is and dock me. I would like to find a good honest fur buyer I wuould drive 200 miles to a good honest one.
  12. jackiereed

    jackiereed Well-Known Member

    How much experience do you have with fur? 90% of the people that sell fur dont have a clue. Your a pea ridge. Go see terry Wynne at Hartville mo. Most honest man I know. BUT he aint payin more than its worth.
  13. smoked hog

    smoked hog Well-Known Member

    NE AR
    I know how to show all those selfish fur buyers. Put up your own fur, send to NAFA. That way you can complain about the greedy Canadians instead of greedy Arkansans. Fact of the matter is if its freezer burned, thin, unprime or slipping they will take a hit. Why pay more for poorly treated fur. I've never heard any of that when it wasn't true.
  14. I live in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. I buy fur. But like I have always heard. You can take a good fur and make it a bad one but never ever can you take a bad fur and make it good. Just ain't no way.