Big Slash High Fence?

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    Big Slash High Fence?

    has anyone heard of the big slash high fence property outside of holly grove being purchased? From the ranch hands we heard chipper jones was in the midst of buying it but i havent heard anything further. A friend owns the property right next to it and we seen two does jump the fence a few days ago. They take a 160 or 170 off the property every year and a bear. One year the killed three bears in two days. Any information regarging the property would be helpful. Thanks Logan

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    Thank You lgoodson. Its crazy because i know where all this stuff was at. My friends actually use one of there wells. The information however is very accurate. That pit on the photo page is the one you can see from the highway and everyday there is ALWAYS birds in that field. I seen a river otter running across it one day. very few of the fields are lasered but the they got pretty good yields last year and here in the next month or so i will find out what they did this year. That lodge has a cedar tree fence 12 foot tal so no one can see anything but the big green roof from out side the fence.

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    Man! wouldn't that be sweet to get! If only i had and extra 8.9mil laying around it'd be all mine!! LoL

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    I work for Mossy Oak Properties Delta Land Management. I showed this property last month and plan to show it again in two - three weeks. To my knowledge it hasnt sold; I do know that the Coca Cola Club in Woodruff County sold fro 10 Million and its rumored that Wild Wings has sold recently.

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    My family owns land bordering Big Slash and I had the opportunity to help thin out the does one year inside the fence. Cant begin to tell you the amount of big bucks I watched walk by one after another. Its an amazing place but it will also take an amazing price to have!! I havent heard anything about it selling but will keep my ears open.

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