home made buck jam

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    home made buck jam

    anybody ever make anything like the buck jam that you can buy? like maybe mixing molasses and peanut butter or something?

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    There is a guy I worked with that used to make me these candy blocks out of candy corn, molassess, peanut butter, coconut oil, pecans and some other goodies you can think of.

    He would mix all of the ingredients together put into those disposable aluminium baking trays, bake them for a while (not sure how long) then let them sit to harden up. He would give me 10 of those things every season. Deer would tear up everything to get them. We would bury them, put under logs, stuff into old stumps. Also if it rained real good they would soak into the ground, deer would tear the ground up for weeks when gone.

    Once baked these things were hard as river rock.

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