Arkansas Privacy Statement

We are committed to protecting your privacy so any personal information you provide to us will never be sold, given, or traded to any outside party.

We require users who want to participate in the forum at Arkansas to register.

In order to register, you must provide us with a username (which does not have to be your real name), a password, and a valid e-mail address (your email address is available only to Administrators). This allows us to protect our community from abusive postings and provides a verifiable point of contact should legal questions arise.

When you register, you have the option of providing some additional information such as occupation, interests, and homepage URL. This optional information is made available to other bulletin or message board users to foster a sense of community. If you have any concerns about providing this information, simply leave the fields blank and your registration will still be processed.

IF YOU ARE UNDER 13 YEARS OF AGE you are not allowed to register or to provide any personal information on our site.

It is important for you to be aware that when you provide personal information (e.g., last name, address, phone number) in a posting on any message board, that information is available to any other person or user having access and use of that message board, and may be used by someone in a manner unintended by you. For that reason, we discourage you from offering any personally identifying information within a posting to any message board.


Posted February,2003