View Full Version : Remington Striker/Ameristep dog house blind review

11-01-2010, 08:36 AM
The Remington Striker blind is actually an Ameristep Dog house blind. This can be verified with a google search or reading the fine print on the manual. For those unfamiliar with Remington products, Remington is to firearms what Budweiser is to beer. They’ll put their name on ANYTHING they think might be related to their product. I’ve got Remington duck decoys (flambeau/tanglefree). A Remington mesh facemask (Hunter’s Specialties), and now this blind.

I’ve got no real clue what the marketing strategy is here, and prices vary, sometimes Remington is cheaper, sometimes the “name brand” is cheaper, so do your checking around. That being said, this is the $60 blind at wal-mart. I’ve seen this blind cheaper at amazon.com and more expensive about everywhere else, again, no clue.

Well, on to the actual product. The blind measures 54”x54”x56”. I’m about 5’10” and my bow draw is 30” and from my knees, I can draw my bow. My elbow is close to the back, but it can be done. Oddly, the axial blinds most recommend for bow hunting measure smaller. I did the math and the only way I could draw a bow in one of the axial blinds is on the diagonal which I thought was really limiting – and twice the price. The space provided would also do real well for you and a kid/wife. This was the main reason I bought it so mission accomplished there.

The blind itself is RealTree apg which looks okay – being a Mississippi boy I’m more of a Mossy Oak guy, but brushed in it looks good enough. The inside is blacked out and with proper set up, you can stay in shadows easily.
Set up is a huge plus on this blind, being pop up, it goes go up fast. Pop it out, stake it and put in 2 fiberglass poles and you are done. I could also see using this as a last minute rush hunt tool – it just goes up quickly. The only gripe on the set up I can say is that the spring steel really pops open quickly. I have to say figuring out a method to protect both your nose and crotch is fairly tricky.

Takedown is also very easy(just watch some of the many youtube videos first). After watching the videos and a couple of practice runs, I can get this thing down faster than I can put it up and it goes easily into the included backpack. Again, big thumbs up on this. If you are looking for an easy up, easy down blind – this is your guy.

That being said, I do have a couple of gripes – I’ll just list them here:
1) Zippers are way too loud.

2)The “shoot through mesh” is a joke. They say in the instructions that you shouldn’t fire rifles through it cuz the sparks may catch a fire. They say not to fire mechanical broadheads through it cuz it may deploy early. Shotguns will tear up the mesh really fast, and unless your fixed head broadheads are aligned with your fletchings – the mesh may throw off your shot. Sounds more like “don’t shoot through mesh” to me. Seriously, what’s left? Spears? Grenades?

3) Said mesh is attached by copious amounts of Velcro and the zipper to open the windows to use the mesh is OUTSIDE THE BLIND. So, whatever mesh you want available to hunt, you gotta open pre-hunt.

Wes Ramsey
11-01-2010, 02:16 PM
I got one so I could take my 3yo hunting with me and I really like it. I've never hunted out of any other blind so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it does the job. My only complaint is that the outside is somewhat glossy (maybe somewhere between satin and semi-gloss) and kinda sticks out in the open. Brushed in I don't think it would matter, but I popped it up for a quick evening ML hunt opening weekend and had some does watching me from the other end of the hay field about 450 yards away. I don't think they were spooked because they ended up coming in close enough for a shot, but they were sure watching it. A mature buck or doe probably would steer clear. Brush it in and it shouldn't be an issue.